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Optimum Nutrition Beta-alanine is a great supplement for those looking to build muscle. This is because beta-alanine is used by your body to create a substance called carnosine. Carnosine has been shown to increase the performance of an athlete. Especially during weight training or sprinting. It allows the user to not become exhausted as quickly.

Optimum Nutrition Beta-alanine contains 1.6 grams of beta alanine per serving. It also contains 550mg of histidine per serving. This product also contains 15mg of magnesium. Just to give you a heads up, beta-alanine can cause users to get a tingling sensation throughout the body. This sensation can last for about twenty minutes and is a common side effect.

Mixability and Taste

This beta-alanine comes in two flavors: fruit fusion and unflavored. I chose the unflavored because I like to add this product to my pre-workout drink or in my protein shakes after my workout. It comes as a white crystalline powder which is easily mixable. If you purchase the unflavored version, you won’t even notice it in your protein shake. If you mix with just water, you may feel a slightly gritty or grainy texture.

This is a budget friendly supplement and is the perfect addition to your muscle building stack. Want to take your training to the next level? Try Optimum Nutrition beta-alanine today.

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