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lit pre workout

Every day supplement companies come out with a new pre workout formula. Pre workout supplements have been gaining in popularity for some years now. The main ingredient that these pre workouts use is caffeine. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that can provide energy and alertness for your workout. LIT pre workout also contains some other ingredients to optimize your strength and energy in the gym.

Nutrition Facts

LIT pre workout is a “concentrated formula” as started by the manufacturer. Let’s brake down the ingredients. This product contains 250mg of caffeine anyhydrous, 3.2g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1.5g micronized creatine and also contains 3g of l-citrulline per serving. LIT pre workout also 15 calories, 4 carbs, and 0 fat per serving. LIT also included some proprietary ingredients such as elevATP which is supposed to provide more ATP for your muscles. And it also contains Neurofactor which will help you to maintain focus. CarnoSyn is also included to give you more reps and endurance. Nitrosigine is also included to increase nitric oxide levels and give your muscles a better pump. The formula is also gluten and sugar free.

Mixability and Taste

Beyond Raw LIT preworkout has some interesting and creative flavors. I have tried the gummy worm flavor and it is sweet and fruity and actually tastes like sour gummy worms. The taste is smooth and refreshing and actually mixes quite well with water. Adds some water and this pre workout mix into your shaker cup and shake away for a great tasting pre workout formula. No grittyness or chalky taste with this product.


  • Taste
  • Great energy and Focus


  • Price

Beyond Raw LIT pre workout is a powerful formula that increases your energy and can help provide more endurance during your workout. And not to mention, it tastes pretty good too.