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alpha amino

Cellucor Alpha Amino’s is probably one of my favorite BCAA products. It has a great taste, mixes well, and is packed with BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) and EAA’s (essential amino acids). It is made by Cellucor which has been in the supplement industry for some time now and is probably best known for their pre-workout product called C4.

BCAA’s can help increase muscle growth and help with exercise performance. They also help preserve the stores of glycogen in your body which is used for fuel by your muscles. This can lead to more energy and increased reps in the gym. This product contains 10 grams of BCAA’s per two scoops and also 7.5 grams of EAA’s per scoop.

Mixability and Taste

I am familiar with the fruit punch and icy blue razz flavors of this product. Fruit punch is my favorite while the icy blue razz isn’t too bad either. It mixes well with water but does leave a little bit of a grainy texture in your mouth. I like to mix Alpha Amino’s with ice and water to make a slushy. You can even throw in some pieces of fruit like bananas or strawberries to make a really tasty drink.

Overall, Cellucor Alpha Amino is a good product providing plenty of BCAA’s. This product can be taken before, during, or after your workout. If you are looking to build lean muscle. Consider adding Cellucor Alpha Amino to your supplement arsenal.

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