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C4 pre workout

C4 pre workout is probably one of the best known pre workout formulas in the game. C4 was launched in 2011 and has sold over 2 billion servings. If you have been in the gym anytime from 2013 until now, you may have seen a C4 container in someone’s gym bag or even had a gym buddy who was taking it. Cellucor is the manufacturer and they have been making sports nutrition supplements since 2002. Since C4’s success, Cellucor has made a number of spin offs of C4 including “C4 Ripped” and “C4 Extreme”. Today, we will be discussing “C4 Original”.

Nutrition Facts

Cellucor has created a formula that helps to promote energy, pumps and performance. C4 contains 150mg of caffeine, 1.6g Carosyn beta-alanine, and 1 gram of creatine nitrate per serving. C4 has 0 calories and 0 sugar and also has 1 gram of arginine per serving. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is included which helps support peak mental and physical performance.

Mixability and Taste

I’ve tried several flavors of C4 including fruit punch, icy blue razz, and pink lemonade. I would have to say my favorite would be a tie between fruit punch and pink lemonade. The fruit punch has a sweet fruity taste while the pink lemonade has a more sweet and sour taste. They are both equally good. It does mix well with water especially in a shaker cup. You may catch a few particles flowing through your mouth as you take a sip but nothing too large. A slight grainy texture with the taste if you will.


  • Ingredients
  • Flavor


  • Texture

There is a reason that C4 is America’s #1 pre workout supplement. It has a great formula and great taste to go along with it. I recommend this to any beginners that have not tried a pre workout yet and are looking to get their feet wet.